At Print Resources, we form partnerships—with our clients and with our vendors. From the beginning of the process through its completion, we offer a complete package of services, including:

· Project Planning
· Estimating
· Project Management
· Troubleshooting
· Coordination of Additional Services

1. Project Planning – We often become involved with a project from the conceptual stage to make sure the piece is produced in the most effective way. For example, we might recommend special varnishes or coatings to enhance the final product. Sometimes, simply reducing the size of the piece by 1/8 inch can save thousands of dollars. Including Print Resources from the beginning of a project is a really smart idea!

2. Estimating – With Print Resources, there are no long forms to fill out, no confusing details to consider. When you need a quote, just give us a call and tell us what you need. Or, if you’re not sure exactly what you do need, just call and we’ll walk you through the process.

3. Project Management – Print Resources is your one-stop shop for printing resources—from start to finish. Our print management services include estimating, selecting the printer, scheduling the project, delivering proofs, insuring product quality and even managing distribution.

4. Troubleshooting – Printing is a complex process and, sometimes, problems occur. Don’t worry – Print Resources will handle them all. We’ll assess the problems, find the best solutions and deliver quality finished products every time.

5. Coordination of Additional Resources – In the production process, additional contract services are often needed. We manage all this for you, including die cutting, embossing, bindery work and mailing/distribution.